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       Being in an Automation technology business, we always focus to provide the worth and valuable technological solution to our customers, channel partners and industries for their smart growth.

       We always make sure that everybody in  our organization has great opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, happiness ,growth and healthy life.

       We always be a good citizen to support good works and charity and  bear our fair share of taxes and liabilities of nation


       Our organization always maintain the growth full , respect full, healthy , learning and creative environment with honest relationship with team members, suppliers, customers, channel partners, and nation.

       We committing to great product, service and initiative that impact lives within and outside the organization.


       We ensure customer satisfaction by adding value and honoring commitments at all times .

       We always provide technology and service upgradation according to the customer needs.


       We build transparent relationship and mutual trust among team menbers.

       We foster a learning environment and nurture innovative thinking of team members..

       We foster a positive environment where employees are valued and treated with dignity and respect.

        We foster align our team around a common goal.


        We strive to be an eco-friendly organization inculcate good corporate citizenship


       We are the highly professional Industrial and commercial Automation Company. We have established in the year of 2004.We are the authorized channel partner of DELTA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION PRODUCTS. We are one of the leading industrial and commercial system integrator in the India. We provide all the industrial solution according to the client demands. We have been engaged in designing, developing and supplying a wide variety of Industrial Automation Products. We have the large range of DELTA automation products comprises of AC Motor Drive, PLC Extendable Series, PLC Slim Series, and Various SCADAs. , Human Machine Interface, AC Servo Drives / AC Servo Motors, Temperature Controllers, stepper drives, Sensors and Industrial Communication Module, Text panels, Gear boxes, Encoders. Our aim is to be the best at identifying, qualifying, commissioning and delivering information enabled automation solutions and services that enhance our customer's bottom line and help them gain competitive advantage in their market.




Servo Micro Trolley Attachment System.

Servo Micro Trolley Attachment System.

  • Servo Micro Trolly Attachment System For Flat Bad Printing Machine Screen Printing is no more hactic now.
  • -Easy to Operate. -Excellent Performance. -Easy to Install.
  • -Micro measurement adjustment by keypad of design Repeat.
  • -Sturdy Mechanism with precision engineering. -longer service life.
  • -No need of imported Blanket due to linear Measurement.
  • -No need of Servo motor to rotate blanket.

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Automation in Crochet machine.

Automation in Crochet machine.

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Automation in Micro-Slitter Machine

It is fully automated retro fitted micro slitter machine.Feeder,spindle and traverse all three process is been run by Delta Servo motors.All processes are controlled and synchronized by Delta HIM. Our system makes Micro slitter machine more simple and make more maintenance free.

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